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Protect your financial future as you embark on a new chapter in life. Debbie Crosby Pelerose is a prenuptial agreement attorney in Marietta, GA. She'll provide you with trustworthy legal advice regarding your rights entering into marriage. You can count on attorney Pelerose to let you know if an agreement is one-sided and if it can be challenged in court.

She'll provide legal advice on understanding the rights that will help both you and your partner while you embark on this new chapter of your shared life together. Whether you're looking to provide for children from a previous marriage, protect yourself and your partner from debt, protect your existing assets in the future or be part of estate planning, attorney Pelerose can help.

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Receive invaluable insight before you sign a prenup when you retain a prenuptial agreement attorney. Debbie Crosby Pelerose can help...

  • Define what qualifies as marital property
  • Protect your individual family property or heirlooms
  • Open communication between you and your spouse
  • Create a plan for your finances in unforeseen circumstances

She has been a practicing prenuptial agreement lawyer since 1984. You'll be impressed by her legal knowledge and compassionate approach.

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