Guardian Ad Litem

Guardian Ad Litem

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Advocating for Children

Debbie C. Pelerose has been appointed a guardian ad litem and has received training by the Office of the Child Advocate for the protection of children for the position.

Both attorneys and non-attorneys can be considered for the role. There are variations of the position in all 50 states, and in some states, they go by a different name. However, the primary responsibility is still the same - to protect the child's interests and speak on the child's behalf.

The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in Georgia

In Georgia, a child has a right to an attorney at all stages of Juvenile Court dependency proceedings. In addition to the child's attorney, the court is required to assign a guardian ad litem to represent an abused or neglected child in all stages of a judicial proceeding.

The guardian ad litem is court-appointed and will assess the family situation and advise on the best interests of the child in divorce proceedings or child custody cases.

Attorney Pelerose takes this responsibility very seriously and believes that these experiences and training have not only made her a better attorney but also given her invaluable lessons that allow her to better serve her clients.

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